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FedEx API integration into your existing website is a great way to make your e-commerce web site more usable, by including shipping rates up front, and then providing automated package tracking notifications. FedEx API is a toolkit that enables web developers to quickly and easily incorporate FedEx shipping capabilities into their web applications and websites.

Integrating Fedex API in website is a Web page generator that makes it easy for users of all experience levels to create and deploy FedEx services in their e-commerce websites. The Web Integration Wizard handles the difficult aspects of developing and coding FedEx Web Services for your Web site. It's just one more way FedEx saves you time - so you can get back to your busy day.

We specialize to integrate the following shipping APIs (Fed Ex, UPS, USPS) to your shopping cart and order management systems, allowing you to automatically calculate the shipping costs for products ordered as well as give customers the real cost of upgraded shipping options. This not only gives online shipping status, but also reduces costs, provides total customer satisfaction and peace of mind with better customer service.

Shipping API Integration

FedEx offers a Shipping API that allows developers to integrate FedEx pricing, shipping, tracking, and reporting services into their web site or online application. Our Shipping System is designed to automate the shipping process with popular carriers, such as UPS™, FedEx™, USPS™. The Shipping System can be seamlessly integrated into your Order & Payment Processing System to automatically determine shipping prices, arrange pickups, and print labels for quick and cost effective shipping.

Our Shipping System integrated with Php and Cakephp website will save you time and money by fully automating shipment of your products. As part of the checkout process, the shopping cart/e-commerce system will automatically present available shipping methods to the customer. The Shipping Automation System will automatically connect to the carrier's servers (via the each of the carreirs' Shipping API) to determine prices and availability based on source, destination, dimensions, expediency of shipping, and weight of the products. The price received from the shipping carrier's system can be marked up to include handling charges.