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We develop softwares according to your requirement

Apart from the ready to use solution, in many cases business require very unique need. we have experience creating custom applications accroding to client requirement. we specialize in both web and desktop based applications. According to the project size and structure we use different approaches e.g.

  • Waterfall: a linear framework
    Project is divided into sequential phases, with some overlap and splashback acceptable between phases.Tight control is maintained over the life of the project via extensive written documentation, formal reviews, and approval/signoff by the user and information technology management occurring at the end of most phases before beginning the next phase.

  • Agile software development:
    Twelve principles underlie the Agile Manifesto, including:
    • Customer satisfaction by rapid delivery of useful software
    • Welcome changing requirements, even late in development
    • Working software is delivered frequently (weeks rather than months)
    • Working software is the principal measure of progress
    • Sustainable development, able to maintain a constant pace
    • Close, daily co-operation between business people and developers
    • Face-to-face conversation is the best form of communication (co-location)
    • Projects are built around motivated individuals, who should be trusted
    • Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design
    • Simplicity
    • Self-organizing teams
    • Regular adaptation to changing circumstances


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